Special Poker Cheating Contact Lenses Read Invisible Cards Markings

Special Poker Cheating Contact Lenses Read Invisible Cards Markings

Brand: GS

Origin: China

Weight: 0.35kg

Size: 5mm, 6mm,7mm, 8mm,9mm

Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket

Product ID: IIMC0070

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The marked cards contact lenses are popular with the dark-eyed players. This kind of poker contact lenses is favored in quality with which you can detect the invisible marks clearly and easily. However, we are honest to tell the users that with this kind of lenses, you may see the surroundings a bit darker than usual. But you can see the luminous invisible marks accurately.
The other type of the poker contact lenses with smaller dyed circle for dark eyes is more advanced in technology. It adopted the sophisticated sandwich technology and the technology of laser dyeing, which causes no side effect on your eyes. With this kind of contact lenses, you can see the environment around you comfortably. Moreover, the effect of he lenses is so awesome that you can spot the invisible marks as you wish. However, the price is higher but still acceptable for most users.

These special poker contact lenses are designed to be worn by all eyes. With the naked eye you won’t be able see any marks. You can wear these cheating cards lenses for up to 12 hours, without any problems. They won’t damage your eyes or change their color. You can see the markings on the back of playing cards when you use the poker cheat lens. You can also detect marked cards to stop cheating.

These marked cards contact lenses are manufactured using the latest sandwich technology and the most advanced staining laser system. The sandwich is the name of the three layers that comprise the lens. Only the middle layer has been dyed, protecting the eyes from staining material because it does not touch them directly.

Weight 0.1 kg


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