Cheating Poker Glasses Can See Through Marked Playing Cards

Cheating Poker Glasses Can See Through Marked Playing Cards

Brand: GS

Origin: China

Color: Black, Dark Purple, and Grey

Application: Poker Tricks and Magic Tricks

Shipping: Fedex, DHL and EMS

Delivery: Three- Five Working Days

Product ID: IIMC00122

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Poker cheating glasses can see through marked playing cards we available in different colors, featuring fashionable appearance and great comfort. From the outward appearance, there is no difference between UV sunglasses and unprocessed glasses. Thus, it is very safe w when you use in any casino card game. Besides, the poker glasses are made of the lightest and softest material so that you feel no pain even you wear it for a long time. As is known to all that players are aim to detect the marked cards at the perfect clarity, so the clarity of UV sunglasses is also of a great importance for you. Thanks to our advanced machine, the lenses of glasses have strong ability to offer high clarity for each poker player. And one point you have to notice that the clearer you see the Luminous ink marked playing cards, the more blurred outward environment you will see.

Hence, for selecting the best and suitable poker cheating suinglasses, we highly our client give more depault their requirements. be worn about failing to play poker Magic tricks becape of our high quality but fair price uv sunglasses for cheat.

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