infrared glasses for poker Invisible Ink Marked Cards

infrared glasses for poker Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Color: black, gold, blue, purple

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer: GS Company

Origin: China

Weight: 0.2kg

Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

Product ID: IIMC0072

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Go playing poker games with a pair of nice-looking poker glasses. The glasses will not only provide you with a smart look, but also help a lot in your self-defense. There is nothing different on the dimensions and appearances between the infrared glasses and the normal pairs. But the effect of the infrared glasses is incredibly impressive! Any player can detect the invisible ink luminous marks on the back of the playing cards. At the same time, you can protect yourself from being cheated. The surroundings around you may be in red after you put on the infrared poker cheating sunglasses. The new aviator infrared sunglasses can have different colored lenses, including grey, silver, blue and purple, while the traditional ones are always purple. Some people say that purple lenses can cause suspicion, so fashion infrared sunglasses give you more choices.
Our infrared sunglasses are of first-rate quality. The design of the sunglasses is in latest in fashion and we have different kinds of glasses for you.
Weight 0.1 kg


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