Black Plastic Casino Cheating Chip Tray Poker Scanning Camera

Black Plastic Casino Cheating Chip Tray Poker Scanning Camera

Color: Black

Material: 100 Percent Plastic

Delivery: Three- Five Working Days

Payment: Western Union and Moneygram

Scanning Distance: 8-15cm and 60-80cm

Application: Casino Games and Private Card Games

Product ID: IIMC00148

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The black plastic casino chip tray poker scanning device is a very common poker cheating tool in casino games. Because it is so common, poker players love to use the chip tray with their wireless cheating devices.

A mini camera is located inside the chip tray to read the barcode-marked cards. It is ideal for dealers who have a partner to scan the chip tray scanner and edge marked card. This allows for an 8-15 cm scanning distance. Chip tray scanner can be used for individuals who need a longer scanning distance. The chip tray cheating scanner is also available. The camera lens scans in six sections, measuring between 12 and 135 cm. We are able to customize the scanning distance to meet customers’ needs within this range. This external camera can be used to analyze poker cards in different situations.

It is not only secure and can scan at a distance that is suitable for scanning, but it’s also very practical as it works with all types of poker odd calculators. Black plastic poker cheating camera is the best choice when you’re looking for a wireless camera to use with your poker analyzer software.

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