LD I6 iPhone Barcode Poker Card Analyzer Devices

LD I6 iPhone Barcode Poker Card Analyzer Devices

Material: Plastic and metal

Available Games: Three

Delivery: Three-Five Working Days

Payment: Western Union and Moneygram

Shipping: Three or Five Working Days

Application: Casino Games and Private Card Games

Product ID: IIMC00126

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The hottest-seller product in the LD winning prediction series is the LD I6 Iphone barcode marking cards analyzer devices. There are many parts required to make the most of these devices: barcode marked cards (local scanner or wireless camera), scanner (local scanner or wireless cam), poker analyzer, remote control, mini earphone, and remote controller. Each component has its own function and is indispensible without the other.

The local scanner of LD I6 Iphone can clearly detect marked cards within a 20-45cm scanning range. The analyzer will then report the poker results to the players after reading the cheating cards. The remote controller can be used to control the number poker players on the phone. The entire process would take about 0.1 seconds. It can also be used to install three poker games. This means that you can win every card game you play.

The customized-service regarding LD I6 Iphone barcode marking cards analyzer devices is also very impressive. Clients can choose the scanning distance, color and language. You can have everything you need.

The winning predictor for LD iphone 6 is also preferred. For more information, please contact me.


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