PK King 508 Poker Scanner Analyzer of Lateral Barcode Marked Poker

PK King 508 Poker Scanner Analyzer of Lateral Barcode Marked Poker

Color: White and Black

Material: Plastic

Origin: China

Weight: 0.4kg

Scanning Distance: 20-40 cm

Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

Product ID: IIMC0075

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The PK King poker winner prediction is widely used by poker players. Now we present the PK 508 poker analysisr. The PK 508 poker scanner analyser is an advanced poker analyzer. It is not like the CVK or AKK poker analyzers. The PK 508 poker analyst can purchase 5 poker games. The PK 508 poker scanner can scan one deck of marked cards and can also scan two decks. The PK508 poker analyzer can be used with all types of cameras, including those that are compatible with poker predictors.


The PK 508 poker scanner analyser has two built-in cameras that scan barcode marked cards with invisible pen. It can scan up to 20-40 cm in distance and 25 cm in width.

You can also use the other playing card scanners, such as the car key poker scanner or wallet poker scanner, the clock poker scanner, and the button poker scanner, if you don’t want to use long scanning distance.

The PK508 poker scanner analyzer offers more benefits than other analyzers.

1. You can purchase 5 poker games

2. The scanner has two built-in cameras. It can scan from 20-40 cm to 25 cm.

3. It can scan one deck of invisible ink barcode-marked cards or two decks

3. There are 3 frequency options

4. The result can be viewed directly on the monitor of the poker analyzer

5. It also has a remote control

These devices are part of the PK 508 poker scanner set:

1, a PK 508 Poker Analyzer

2, Edge Barcode Marked Card

3, One Mini Spy Earpiece


Weight 0.1 kg


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