AKK A1 Poker Analyzer Cheat Device for Barcode Marked Deck

AKK A1 Poker Analyzer Cheat Device for Barcode Marked Deck

Brand: AKK

Color: Black & White

Material: Plastic

Scanning Distance: 10-20cm, 20-30cm, 40-50cm

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days

Application: Texas Holdem Poker & Blackjack Games & Magic Shows

Product ID: IIMC00137

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Have you ever used AKK poker analyzer device before That is a fashionable and excellent poker analyzer for barcode marked cards. Some of the latest poker analyzers are available from our company.

Here is some information about our AKK A1 poker analyzer.

It can be a real cell phone. You can enjoy all the functions as a real cell phone like contacting other people in daily life. It’s a real smart cell phone with an attractive exterior design based on the well-known mobile phone model. So it is hard to cause the attention of other poker players. A high-definition image recognition software has been installed in the AKK poker device, which has improved the accuracy of image recognition. There are several ways for showing the result: using an earpiece, a vibrator. Besides, the Bluetooth power amplifier goes with the AKK analyzer, with which nobody but you can hear the poker game results, making the reporting sound clearer even in the far distance. Its scanning distance is around 20 to 40cm away from the bar-code marked cards. The poker analyzer could be capable of working together with any poker camera, such as a USB cable camera, a water bottle camera, cigarette box camera.

Weight 0.1 kg


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