Poker Cheating Devices

Poker gambling is not complete without cheating with cards. Some cheaters use entire teams to perform different tasks, such as stacking, dealing, etc. Some card cheats mark the deck with their fingernails, while others use poker chips. Others use more complex techniques such as burning the top card or a sequence of cards in order to read the opponent’s hand before dealing. Some cheaters use cold decks or special decks that are stacked in advance to guarantee a certain outcome.

A playing card scanner camera with invisible ink is one of the most popular cheating tools. This device can be used to scan a deck’s back and reveal the numbers and suits. It uses an IR light or lens that cannot be detected by glasses or contact lenses. It’s easy to conceal. It can also be hidden in items such a lighter, watch, powerbank, or cuff.

A modified smartphone can be another useful tool for poker cheating. A hacker recently converted a Samsung Galaxy Core to a poker-cheating tool with an external camera. Bursztein claims that the device is designed to resemble a regular Android phone, but it contains all its poker-cheating software. The hacker purchased an activation code for the device on an online black market.

This type cheating device for poker analyzer uses a specialized camera to scan the barcode of the deck of cards. The information is then sent to your mobile phone. It can tell if you are holding the best hand, and also how many chips will you win.

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