Invisible Ink Glasses – Glasses To See Through Playing

Invisible Ink Playing Glasses

This invisible ink pen allows users to write secret messages on paper that will not be seen until they come into contact with a special light. This pen is a great way to maintain privacy, whether it’s in a dorm to prevent roommates from snooping on you or at work for confidential information. This product makes a great addition to a birthday party goody bag, and is a fun gift for kids who are fascinated with magic.

The latest glasses with golden frame and infrared filters are one kind of marked poker card tricks devices in the market. They are fashionable sunglasses with the function of reading hidden backside secret invisible luminous ink marks. These glasses are also known as invisible ink cheating poker glasses or perspective sunglasses.

These sunglasses are invisible to the naked eye, so you can wear them in public without anyone noticing. These sunglasses are also excellent for protecting from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Infrared glasses are used to help see invisible marks on cards.

This luminous reader or detector is one of the most popular cheating cards readers or detectors to see the invisible ink marks that are on the backside marked decks of playing cards. It is easy to use: simply wear the sunglasses and place them in front of you eyes. Then, look at the marked deck of cards. This invisible ink card reading device can help you win more games at home and in casinos.

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