Video Poker Cheating Devices

Video poker cheating devices allow you to predict the result of a game even before it starts. It combines poker scanner cameras, invisible barcode marked cards, and a program to calculate winners in gambling games. This new version is virtually undetectable by others, unlike older models. Its appearance is similar to that of a smart …

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Playing Cards Cheating Devices

Playing cards cheating devices are technical gambling products containing a number of tools. These include marked cards, invisible ink lenses, poker scanning cameras, luminous ink pens and poker analyzers. This particular playing card cheating device can be hidden in a mobile phone. The main benefit is that you can use it without attracting attention. Product …

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Poker Cheating Equipment

Poker cheating equipment is used to read barcodes that are invisible on cards. It transmits information to a tiny earpiece which can show the outcome of the hand and the player. The devices are expensive, but they are worth the price for the results they deliver. Elie Bursztein is a hacker from Israel has recently …

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Casino Cheating Devices

Casino cheating devices vary from ancient tricks such as light wands to the latest technology that can read playing cards. Some are so advanced that they might even be included in Apple’s annual product launches. Certain fraudsters like Tommy Glenn Carmichael get away from the law for quite a while, however casinos are constantly experimenting …

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Gambling Cheating Devices

Over the past decade several major casino scams have involved camera technology. These crooks, however, have been able to avoid being caught thanks to the simple technology they use. The most current gambling cheating equipment are available at shops located in Guangzhou which is the capital of the world to purchase electronic equipment. It can …

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