Uncovering the Techniques Behind Cheating Card Deck in Poker

When it comes to cheating cards in poker there are several different methods. The most common method is to collaborate with other players. It allows players to share details using pre-determined signals. Experts in anti-cheating find it hard to spot this. Fraudulent dealing is another method of cheating. It’s more efficient in conjunction with a …

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Marked Cards For Sale

Cards that are designed to be used for cheating have hidden markings on the back or sides of the cards. These markings allow magicians as well as players of poker to read the value even if a card is laid on its face. Phoenix marked cards feature a pattern on their back that keeps magicians …

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Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared-marked cards are cards with invisible markings on their reverse. These markings are not apparent to the naked eye but they are readable with special contact lenses or glasses or by a scanning camera. It is possible to win all poker games using infrared-marked cards. Copag cards are compatible by using infrared lens or the …

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Marked Deck Playing Cards

When it comes to marked decks of playing cards it is important to ensure that your markings are simple to read and look very natural. This isn’t easy when using some of the more traditional methods of marking the cards like juice mark or tintwork. The most effective way to do this is using a …

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