Marked Cards For Sale

Cards that are designed to be used for cheating have hidden markings on the back or sides of the cards. These markings allow magicians as well as players of poker to read the value even if a card is laid on its face.

Phoenix marked cards feature a pattern on their back that keeps magicians from being questioned. They have a very subtle back design that only professionals can detect and are very easy to use.

What is a marked deck?

A marked deck is a special kind of playing card that features markings on the back or around its edges that let the user be able to identify the cards. The markings are usually discreet and are not visible to the naked eye. They can be used in a variety of magic tricks and illusion performances, but they also are employed to cheat in gambling or card games. Decks with marked marks, although often associated with cheating and fraud, can prove to be an excellent tool for mentalists and magicians when used in a responsible manner.

There are many types of marked cards, each with distinct marking systems. Certain decks are marked using code systems while others use subtle color variations or scratches on the surface of the cards. The kind of mark that is used on a deck will vary from brand to brand as such, and it’s important to study each brand prior to purchasing.

If you’re going to make use of a marked deck, then it is vital to know how to comprehend the cards properly prior to performing any trick. It is also important to play around with the cards and taking note of the marks, so that you can execute your trick without letting any indication of deceit show through. If you’re not cautious an observer will be able tell that something is not right with the deck and may be tempted to believe that you’re cheating.

How to read a marked deck

Although purists might be reluctant to make use of marked cards, they are an incredibly powerful tool for magicians. You can easily and quickly determine the card’s identity without anyone being aware. This makes the card more effective, and it opens up new possibilities that wouldn’t be possible without the stamp.

There are a few types of marked decks being offered commercially. Coded systems and reader systems are the two most popular. Shade technology is used in the reader systems to hide various markings. They require low lighting and should only be utilized in a small distance. Coded systems on the other hand, make use of symbols to show the quality and worth of the card. They are only read by a reader, and are difficult to use when it is dark.

It is crucial to select the right kind of marked deck. It should be easy to read but also invisible to spectators. An excellent example is the Ultimate Marked Deck, which is constructed from Bicycle Rider Back cards and includes a unique identifying method that takes only 30 seconds to master. It’s also pretty ordinary-looking and won’t draw any interest or suspicion from your audience.

The Best Marked Decks for Sale

Marked decks are a great opportunity to wow your audience by the magic of your cards. There are many options available when it comes marked cards. The DMC Elites V5 is the best marked deck to use for illusions. This unique deck was the result of a collaboration between Drummond Money-Coutts and Phill Smith, two renowned magicians with extensive experience in marking cheating cards.

The ELITES deck has an advanced marking system which makes it easier to discern from an extended distance. The backs of the cards are marked using invisible ink that can be read by using contact lenses. They are also great to using with analyzers for poker.

The Butterfly Marked Deck is another fantastic option. This deck was designed by Ondrej Pesenicka. It is constructed from the same USPCC materials used for Bicycle cards. It’s also incredibly durable. The design is stunning that will entice your audience from the fact that you’re using cards marked for your tricks.

GT SpeedReader can be a ideal choice for anyone who would like to get the most out of their mark cards. This is a good choice for magicians since it’s simple to read, and it is not a lot of a drawback. It’s also great for those who do not like the idea of using gimmicked playing cards. It still looks normal.

Where to purchase decks that are marked

As opposed to the beginning of the history of marked cards, where magicians would bend the cards and make visible marks on the reverse of cards, now you can purchase an invisible deck of mark playing cards online and not have the fear of being detected. By using poker perspective techniques these cards are processed so that they include hidden markings of values and suits that only show up in specific lighting conditions. The ink marks that are invisible are difficult to spot when you don’t use specific poker scanning devices like the CVK and AKK scanners. They are not apparent even to those wearing regular contact lenses or sunglasses.

The most well-known and best quality marked decks for magic are the Phoenix Cards, Cohort cards, and Ultimate decks that are marked. These decks have been manufactured on Bicycle Rider Back cards and are available in blue and red colors, so they’re not as suspicious to the audience. They have more secret symbols and codes than usual, which makes it easier for magicians read the cards.

They can be utilized for many tricks and effects that require the ability to recognize the card’s identification. They can also be used for other card games such as Omaha as well as Texas Hold’em that use scanning devices to spot cheating. Conjuror Community offers a free month’s worth of training on card marking. This is less expensive than buying an unmarked deck for $5-20. The course will teach you some of the most incredible card magic tricks.

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