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Before you buy marked decks, here’s what you should know

What is marked cards? Marked cards are a special deck of playing cards with secret markings that can be used for magic shows and poker games. This secret is only known by the owner. You can identify specific cards by their markings. It is difficult to tell the difference between regular playing cards and marked cards, unless you know how they work and have professional tools.

How do marked cards work?

Invisible ink is used to mark cards with a poker cheat. All brands of cards can be processed by our experienced technicians. The markings can be made on both the front and back of the cards. The next section will explain how they work.

Infrared Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Infrared contact lenses, often referred to as poker contact lenses, let you view infrared markings printed on cards that would otherwise be invisible.

Infrared contact lenses marked decks have markings explicitly designed to be visible only to the wearer of these contact lenses. Invisible to the naked eye, those wearing the special lenses will be able to view the message printed on the back of the card with ease and can use the information to work out what card will appear next and how much they should stake.

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Invisible barcode marked cards

Invisible ink marked decks with barcodes are the latest and most advanced cards on the market.

Decks with barcodes have a discrete coded pattern on the back of each card. The code can be scanned using a covert scanner, such as on the back of an electronic lighter or a mobile. This code can only be read by a specific mobile app that will tell you the number of the card and the suit.

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