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Cheating Devices

Cheating Devices are electronic gadgets that can be used to help people cheat in games or during exams. They can range from simple, low-tech devices to sophisticated ones. Some of them have a camera built into them to record answers and transmit them to the user. Others include earpieces that can be worn in the …

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Marked Bicycle Cards

The Bicycle brand of playing cards is well-known and loved in the US. It’s manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company and has been around for more than 130 years. While the decks undergo strict quality control measures, there are some people who try to mark them illegally in an attempt to cheat at …

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What is a Poker Cheat Card?

In poker, cheating refers to any behavior outside of the rules that gives a player an unfair advantage. It is common in friendly games as well as in casinos and can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including collusion, card manipulation, and the use of physical objects. Cheating in poker is more likely to …

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How to Mark Copag Cards

Copag is a brand name of 100% plastic coated cards. This means that they can be played for a very long time. These cards can last hundreds of years longer than decks made from paper or plastic. These are popular poker cards in many casinos and card rooms. These cards also have a sharp and …

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