Omaha & Texas Holdem Scanning System Winning Hands Predictor

Omaha & Texas Holdem Scanning System Winning Hands Predictor

Brand Model: AKK A3

Main Function: Predicting winning hands in Texas Holdem and Omaha

Scanning Distance: 20-40cm

Occasion: Card games, Private games

Required Cards: Invisible Barcode Marked Cards

Product ID: IIMC00189

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Texas Holdem is a popular form of poker. Its popularity soared due to the increased exposure to television, the Internet and popular literature in the 2000s. Holdem was the most popular game in U.S. casino’s during this period. Although the Omaha poker game was derived from Texas Holdem, it has evolved over time. This should not be surprising if you’re a regular player of Texas Holdem or Omaha games.

The poker scanning system we have developed for Omaha and Texas Holdem players has been a success. This system, also known as the poker winner predictor is efficient, accurate, and convenient. This advanced system, named after its creator, can predict the best and second-best hands in Holdem with 100% accuracy. This system can be operated only by you. You are the only one who can play in this game.

This poker scanning system is efficient and accurate. It can give you the following results in 0.1 seconds before the cards are dealt:

  • The winner of the current game type is the first;
  • The present game type’s first and second winners;
  • The players’ ranks.

Hardware components of this system:

  • A host machine (an Iphone appearance mobile telephone).
  • Hidden inside the phone’s right-hand side is a barcode scanning camera.
  • Mini Bluetooth earpiece that can be used for audio.
  • To test the operation of the system, the loudspeaker on the phone is used.
  • Remote control to select the number of players.

How does it work?

The whole system functions together as one, as you can see in the image below.

You must first set up the program on the phone host machine. This means that you will need to select your game type. However, you cannot play both Omaha and Texas Holdem games simultaneously in this system. The program can be easily transferred. We will also provide you with the operating steps once you have purchased the system.

You must also determine in advance the number of players in the game as well as the outcome that you expect to see from the system. For example, the first winner, first and second winners, or other outcomes.

After setting up the program on the scanning system phone make sure that the scanning camera is working. The system will then work if you place the invisible barcode-marked decks and right-side camera of the phone in the operational range. For testing purposes, you can use the loudspeaker. If you are playing games, the tiny earpiece is best.

You can also shop for an external poker scanner camera, such as a watch, chip tray or clothing with a scanner camera. This external camera has a greater scanning range and distance, so no one will be able to doubt it.

We are happy to provide a quote for our Omaha Holdem Predictor Scanning System.

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