KEM Stargazer Bridge Size Regular Index Invisible Ink Marked Cards

KEM Stargazer Bridge Size Regular Index Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Brand: KEM

Size: Bridge size (2.25″ x 3.5″)

Index: 2 regular index

Origin: USA

Material: 100% cellulose acetate plastic

Model of marks: Common and Customized

Product ID: IIMC00134

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KEM Stargazer poker card can be marked with invisible ink as cheating cards. KEM Stargazer Bridge Size Regular Index Cards are made of 100% plastic. They include two decks of Stargazer Series playing cards as well as a protective case. These cards are suitable for various casino games such as Texas Holdem, Texas Holdem, Omaha, 5 Cards Omaha, Blackjack, and other home games.

How to mark KEM Stargazer cards with invisible ink

Make sure that the invisible ink has the right proportion. The ink will not cover the mark if it is too dark or too thick. A professional printer of marked cards and an experienced technician are also important. Both are essential.

How to use invisible ink marked cards

Marked deck contact lenses or luminous sunglasses can be used to read invisible ink marked cards. Contact lenses are preferred over sunglasses as they do not alter the color of your eyes. This makes it less suspicious to others.

KEM Plastic Playing Card are the only cards made from cellulose acetate. EM Plastic Playing Card lasts longer than any other plastic cards, and more than 100 times longer that paper cards. KEM plastic playing playing cards are one of the most sought-after playing cards in the world.


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