Bicycle Standard Index USA Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

Bicycle Standard Index USA Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

Brand: Bicycle

Index: Standard

Material: Paper

Original: USA

Color: Red / Blue

Deck: Single

Markings: UV / IR

Delievery Time: 2 – 3 Working Days

Product ID: IIMC00185

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Our company has over 10 years of experience in processing UV cards. We can offer the best service for any type of playing card.

Original from the USA, bicycle paper cards come in blue and red colors. You can mark the numbers and suit on the back of the cards and use ink contact lenses to see the marks. The invisible ink decks look like clean cards, no difference. The invisible ink allows players to see their cards clearly, regardless of whether they are playing against them or not, and can then reason out the results. There are four small marks in the middle and four large marks on the white borderer. We also accept custom marks. No matter what kind of marks you desire, we can mark it to your specifications.

The most important playing cards for magicians and poker players are marked with invisible ink on bicycle cards. They can be used to perform magic tricks for the pleasure of the audience. You can also use them in poker games like Texas Holdem, BlackJack, and so forth. All you need is our perspective contacts and sunglasses to get the marks.

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