Dal Negro Masenghini Napoletane Italian Luminous Marked Cards

Dal Negro Masenghini Napoletane Italian Luminous Marked Cards

Origin: Italy

Color: Black

Material: 100 Percent Plastic

Payment: Western Union and Moneygram

Shipping: Fedex,DHL, and EMS

Application: Casino Games and Private Card Games

Product ID: IIMC00149

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You can make marked cards for the poker perspective system from Dal Negro Masenghini Napoletane cards that have distinctive Italian characteristics. The marks on the backs of Masenghini Napoletane playing cards are invisible to naked eyes. They can only be seen if we have infrared or poker cheating sunglasses.

Any back pattern Dal Negro Masenghini card can be printed using the advanced technology of cards printing. There are four different mark patterns available for poker players: a large font in the center, four smaller fonts at the corners, and the custom one. Any one of these can be chosen.

These marked cards look exactly the same as original playing cards, in terms of appearance, touch feeling, color, and other aspects. It is not necessary to be worried about being busted out by others when you play poker magic tricks and magic shows.

You should be curious about its price, as well as the quality. These cheating devices- Dal Negro Masenghini Napoletane branded playing cards are also available at a very attractive price. You will receive more discounts the more decks that you purchase. Contact me to find out more details or get the price.

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