How to Use Marked Cards in Poker

Card marking is a technique used by hustlers and magicians to give them an edge in gambling or card tricks. This involves adding secret marks to the back of cards that can help identify the card’s value and suit when held up to light. This allows the marker to know the identity of any card in play, regardless of who shuffles or deals it. There are a number of different methods for card marking. These can include bends, crimps and tiny pinprick bumps resembling Braille script. More recently, the backs of cards have been altered by using inks and pigments. This has enabled more sophisticated ways of cheating at card games.

The most common way of marking a deck is with invisible ink. This can be done with a special pen that emits luminous ink that only shows up under certain light conditions. These invisible ink pens are very popular with poker players and magicians. A more advanced way of marking a deck is with video-luminous ink that can only be detected by specialized gadgets or cameras.

In the world of magic and conjuring, card marking is not just a tool for cheating – it’s an essential part of the illusion. However, the use of marked cards in a social game like poker is considered cheating and can ruin the experience for everyone involved. For this reason, poker players should always look carefully at their sleeves and cards before sleeving them to ensure that they are not marked in any way that can be seen.

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