How to Mark Copag Cards

Copag is a brand name of 100% plastic coated cards. This means that they can be played for a very long time. These cards can last hundreds of years longer than decks made from paper or plastic. These are popular poker cards in many casinos and card rooms. These cards also have a sharp and classic design that will work well in any game. These cards are available in a variety of colors.

It is important that the marks on the cards are invisible to the naked eye. It is also a great idea to test marked cards in different light conditions, to make sure that they are readable by any poker analyser or infrared lenses.

A card of top quality can have clear markings under the IR contact lenses or sunglasses. However, the color of marked cards should be drastically changed, which is not the desired outcome. The marked cards must be marked by qualified professionals.

There are many ways to mark Copag cards. These include invisible ink marks on the backside for luminous ink lenses or UV marking cards contacts, as well as barcode marked decks that can be scanned by analyzers. You can also select IR Copag marked decks that work with a special poker camera. All of these marked cards can be used in various kinds of poker games, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and blackjack.

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