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Marked cards for cheating at Poker
In the past, players could gain an edge over their rivals by altering marked cards. In reality, marking playing cards is the way to do it.

Some of these included changing the shape of the cards, for example, making one corner slightly smaller or scratching marks on the back to indicate a certain number or suit.
The unique pattern printed on the backs of cards may only be recognized by players who are familiar with the design. This is the one that indicates the suit or number of cards.
These methods may be enough to fool the amateur poker player. More experienced players will be able detect the cheating cards.
In response, card markings have become more sophisticated and are harder to detect even by experienced players. Invisible ink is used to mark decks.

Infrared contact lens marking card
Infrared contact lenses, commonly called playing card contacts, allow you to see infrared markings printed on playing cards that are otherwise invisible.

Decals marked with infrared contact lenses have clearly designed markings that are only visible to the wearer of these contact lenses. Invisible to the naked eye, people wearing special lenses will be able to easily see the information printed on the back of the cards and can use this information to work out what card is coming next and how much they should bet.

Invisible barcode marking card
Cards with Barcode Markers is one of the most modern, high-tech invisible ink marker decks on the market.

A deck marked with a barcode contains a covert coded pattern printed on the side of the card. The code can be scanned using a hidden camera, for example, on the back of a mobile phone or lighter. This code is only visible when using a specific mobile app, which then tells you the card number and suit.

Infrared Camera Marking Card
The infrared-marked deck is printed with glow-in-the-dark ink and is invisible to the naked eye. The markings on these cheat cards can be seen with special infrared cameras that allow you to see in infrared light.

Infrared cameras allow you to view markers on marked infrared cards from a distance, so they can be handy if you want to be able to see markers away from the poker table.

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