What Poker Cards Are the Best?

what poker cards are the best

If you’re a poker player, there’s nothing worse than sitting down at a table to play a game only to be dealt flimsy, paper-thin cards that crack and bend at the slightest opportunity.

Thankfully, Vegas casinos and Atlantic City poker rooms understand the importance of investing in good-quality cards for their table games. However, independent hosts of poker games don’t always take card quality into consideration when purchasing decks for their own tables.

KEM’s Arrow Standard Playing Cards

Kem’s Arrow Standard Playing Cards are made of durable, flexible, and washable cellulose acetate. The material is a natural, bioplastic that has been proven to last longer than paper or plastic cards and to be more resistant to cracks, tears, and scuffs.

Whether you’re playing poker, rummy, or some other card game, KEM’s Arrow playing cards will make your game night a success. They come in two deck sizes — poker and bridge — and are available in several color combinations.

The Kem Arrow Wide Index Blue and Red Playing Cards are a classic choice for poker players looking to upgrade their home game. They include two decks of standard poker size cards in a deep red and midnight blue.

The Kem Arrow Narrow Standard Index Green and Brown Playing Cards are also a great choice for Bridge players who want to upgrade their home game. These cards are a little larger than poker-size cards, and they also come in an attractive, eye-catching design.


Modiano’s Standard Playing Cards are an excellent choice if you’re looking for poker cards that will hold up to long-term use. They’re thicker than other plastic playing cards, making them easier to shuffle and handle. They also tend to have a slightly rougher texture, which gives them a bit more grip than KEM and Copag.

In addition, these cards are waterproof and damage-proof, crimp and fade resistant, and durable. They’re also slightly heavier than other cards, which can be helpful if you’re worried about losing your hand over time.

They’re also available in both normal and jumbo sizes, so you can choose the right deck for your needs. If you’re looking for a high-quality pack of poker cards that you can count on, consider buying a Modiano deck from Baazi Store. They’ll provide a quality poker gameplay experience with your group of friends and partners! Shop the range online and add items to your cart to get them delivered to your home.


Fournier’s Standard Playing Cards are one of the best poker cards on the market. They’re strong, durable and come in a variety of colors. They’re also easy to shuffle and come with 3 jokers.

The company Fournier is a famous Spanish manufacturer of playing cards that has been around for over 150 years. They’re renowned for their intricate designs and ‘zero defects’ guarantee.

Their decks are a great choice for poker players who are looking to upgrade their cards and add a more sophisticated look and feel to their game. Fournier’s cards are popular with social players and bridge players, as well as professionals in the casino and poker industry.

They produce a variety of different types of cards including Fantasy art cards, children’s card games, advertising themed cards and sports cards. They sell around 16 million packs a year and are a major supplier of cards for casinos worldwide. They’re available in a wide range of prices.

Faded Spade

Faded Spade is the fastest-growing playing card company in the industry and their cards are used by top brands like World Poker Tour, Heartland Poker Tour, Run It Up, bestbet Live & more. They offer both 100% plastic and premium paper options, and are the preferred playing card of the WPT.

Tom Wheaton, CEO of Faded Spade, tells PokerNews that his card brand was born out of his poker passion. He had lost his job last year, and he found himself looking for ways to earn extra money while still pursuing his poker hobby.

He decided to create a new brand of playing cards – one that could disrupt the industry by providing players with something new, fresh and fun. With the help of some poker professionals and contacts, Wheaton set about creating a playing card that was designed to be a good quality and would look great, while also being easy to shuffle. Using 100% absolute casino grade plastic, the end product is a well-balanced blend of thickness and flexibility that will stand up to shuffling and bending.

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