What is the Infrared Ink Glasses?

Infrared ink sunglasses are among the most popular readers of luminous marked cards used in card games. These sunglasses can detect invisible marks on the backs luminous marked cards, among other things. They are very popular with poker players, as they can look just like regular sunglasses. People will not suspect that they are wearing them. They are also comfortable to wear, so you can enjoy playing poker without feeling uncomfortable.

These glasses are specially designed with red filters built in to the sunglasses lens so they can detect the luminous mark on the back of the marked deck of cards and other things. The outside of the sunglasses can be disguised with a normal mirror tint so that it is difficult for others to detect. Infrared ink sunglasses are one of the most popular products for cheating on marked cards among poker players.

IR Ink has the same excitation and emissions peaks as Indocyanine Green (ICG), but ICG is less stable than IR1. IR Ink can be easily stimulated with visible light to fluoresce or with an invisible laser pointer that is filtered to 793nm to show up as a red dot on an IR camera.

These sunglasses are among the oldest and most traditional models of infrared card readers. They still work well for seeing the luminous marks at the back of a deck. They are stylish and elegant, and can be worn at any occasion.

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