What is Cheating Poker Cards?

A heated argument over card cheating erupted in a game between a poker player and the gamblers that he invited into his home. A video uploaded to TikTok and viewed by hundreds of thousands shows the host accusing his punters of cheating during a hand of Texas Hold’em. The argument escalates and turns into a shouting contest. The punters then leave the table. The video was deleted by the user but reposted on other TikTok profiles.

A card cheat is a person who uses their skill of manipulation to gain an unfair advantage over other players. They can do this in many ways, from simply marking the cards to altering the deck in some way. These cheating tactics can be used to shorten the pot, avoid gambling fees and even peek into other people’s playing cards. Casinos are becoming better at detecting cheaters but they still find new and innovative ways to mark or alter playing cards to their advantage.

The most common method of cheating in poker involves the use of marked cards. These are original playing card that have been altered so they reveal information on the reverse, such a luminous ink. The invisible ink on the cards makes them look normal to the naked eye but they can be read by a special poker analyzer or contact lenses. It is important that when purchasing invisible ink marked playing cards, the ink quality is high enough to pass riffle testing and be detectable by anti-cheating professionals.

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