poker cheat X Ray Glasses See Through marked playing Cards

poker cheat X Ray Glasses See Through marked playing Cards


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X-Ray & Infrared-Ray Poker cheating glasses that can see through cards with luminous invisible ink markings. Being one of the best cheating playing cards readers or detectors, poker cheating glasses is not any secret so far. Quite a lot of people know that special lenses can see invisible ink marks of the marked poker cards. Nowadays, poker glasses is still one of the most popular poker cheating device with marked cards though some said too much people know about it.

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In addition, it is also very convenient for anti-cheating in casinos and poker rooms. Just wear this pair of glasses and share with other players. The poker scammers will not be able to hide.

The X-ray Contact Lenses are special marked card contact lenses. They work with poker decks marked with X ray ink. It is also known as one-to-one marked cards and contacts lenses. What does one to one mean? Other poker cheating lenses such as invisible contact lenses with ink, luminous glasses, and IR cameras cannot see hidden marks on X ray marked cards. The X-ray lenses can be used to cheat in many poker games, including Texas Holdem, Omaha, and blackjack. You can directly see the value and suit of cards after wearing these lenses. It’s more secure than other marked card readers because it has a one-to-one characteristic.


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