Modiano Texas Holdem Poker Marked Cards

Modiano Texas Holdem Poker Marked Cards

Brand: Modiano

Origin: Italy

Size: Poker Wide Size 3.5″ x 2.5″

Material: Plastic

Delivery Ways: FedEx, DHL, EMS, ePacket

Color: Black, Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red

Product ID: IIMC001

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You’ve had a few unlucky poker rounds. This is a great day because you have a new way of playing.

When used in conjunction with other products, our Modiano Texas Holdem Marked cards will identify their self to you during gameplay. You will not be able to see your cards from an outsider’s perspective. This is how it works. Keep reading and you will see all the details.

Why Choose Modiano Marked Decks

Modiano is a well-known manufacturer and decks made from their brand are much more durable than other decks. We imported all Modiano marked cards from them. They are made of 100% plastic and can resist bending and tearing. This is crucial when you use marked decks for long periods.

Plastic playing cards are waterproof so water damage is not a concern. You can also wash them, so that if you spill something or eat, it won’t affect the decks. Oil-based paint is used to mark the cards. To preserve their durability, you can only clean them with pure water.

Modiano Texas Poker decks come in a variety of colors, as we all know. The markings will be printed by our skilled chemist technicians according to the card colors using the matching inks. This ensures that you can still see the invisible ink marks when using infrared contact lens or sunglasses.

The marked cards will then be carefully returned to the box. It would be difficult to distinguish between the cards in our box and those in a new, unopened pack of cards.

How do these cards work?

These cards have markings that allow you to easily identify which one you are holding and which others. This is the best and most effective way to increase your winning rate. The spectrum is the term used by textbooks to describe the perception of visible and infrared light. People can only see the markings through a filter/polarizer or a particular light source.

How do I see the markings?

These invisible ink glasses are useful for seeing markings. However, they are often used to test marked cards. Wearing infrared contacts lenses for markings is the best way to read them in real games. Infrared contact lens have a purple filter at the center, which allows you to read invisible ink marks. It will not make you look weird or noticeable. This will adjust to your pupil size, deepen your eyes and change your eye color.

Poker is largely based on luck. Luck is not always reliable. It is important to be prepared. Modiano Texas Holdem Marked Cards remove luck from the equation, and ensure that you always make the right decision. Contact us today to get pricing if you don’t want to play in a game that isn’t working out for you.

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