Long Distance Chip Tray Poker Camera to Scan Marked Cards

Long Distance Chip Tray Poker Camera to Scan Marked Cards

Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Size: 23*47cm, 25*38cm

Capacity: 350 PCS / 500PCS

Working hours: About 3 hours, rechargeable

Application: Omaha, Texas holdem, Baccarat and Blackjack

Product ID: IIMC00150

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A chip tray is a very common item in a casino. A poker table can have a chip tray. A mini scanner camera can be installed in a poker chips tray to scan the cards that have been barcoded. Dealers often use the chip tray poker camera. Dealers have the ability to control where the marked cards are placed. This allows the chip tray to scan the barcodes on marked cards more accurately.

The chip tray poker scanner lens scans the barcode in less than 1 second. The scanner can scan the barcode in a matter of seconds so dealers don’t have to stop. Poker analyzer must be used to scan the chip tray poker scanner camera. Because they don’t have a program to calculate the winners, only a poker lens can get results for every round of gambling.

It is easy to use the poker chip tray scanner. The dealer must turn on the switch to activate the poker chip tray scanner before playing any gambling games. Chip tray will scan the barcode and send it to the analyzer. The analyzer will then calculate the winners of gambling. For larger poker tables, a long distance chip tray camera is possible.

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