Poker Marked Cards Glasses

Poker Marked Cards Glasses

Luminous marked card glasses are a type of poker cheating device that can see through invisible marks on the backs playing cards. Besides luminous marked cards, there is another type of markings on the playing card that are more difficult to detect. These “juice” playing cards use shade technology to mark certain parts of the deck with lighter/darker colors. These types of marked cards are more suited for magic shows than for poker tournaments, because they require low lighting conditions and can only be seen from a certain distance.

Poker players can see these juice cards by using infrared contact lenses or sunglasses that can read the invisible luminous marks on the backs of playing cards. Infrared glasses have built-in red filters that allow players to see the luminous markings on a playing card while looking normal from the exterior.

These sunglasses are specially designed for reading invisible marks in poker cards. They look and feel like normal sunglasses, and are easy to operate. They are made of a soft, light material that is comfortable to wear and looks stylish. They are available in many different colors and styles to suit your tastes, so you can choose the ones that match your style the best.

They are easy to use and very convenient. They can also help you win games. They are also cheap and available online.

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