Marked Playing Cards With Glasses

marked playing cards with glasses

Marked playing cards with glasses are a popular cheating device that has been used for years by players. This cheating technique is a very effective method to sabotage a poker game and to gain an advantage over the other players. However, this technique should be avoided at all costs because it is extremely illegal and could lead to serious consequences.

The first step in marking a deck of playing cards is to alter the backs of the card. There are several techniques that can be used to make these changes, including block-out and cut-out methods.

Block-out – These markings can be read by a special reading lens or gimmick sunglasses. The simplest type of this technique uses red filter glasses or a Red Fox reveal glass, but more sophisticated systems are available that use chemicals on the back of cards to make their markings invisible to others.

Another method of marking a deck of cards is called “juice.” This is accomplished by adding a light reflective chemical daub to the back of the card. The markings of these cards can be seen from a distance, but may require low lighting conditions to see them clearly.

Some luminous daubs are made with greenish ink, but more sophisticated systems use chemical markers or dyes that have a light refraction. These are also more difficult to see, and may only be seen with a special reading lens or gimmick glass.

These are a popular cheating technique that is used by professional card players to sabotage a poker game. These systems are very expensive and are only available through specialized dealers or online.

In order to avoid detection, these systems are typically used by “soft” players who will not make any aggressive bets against other players. This strategy is used because it can allow a player to hide their true betting pattern and gain an advantage over the other players.

This technique has become more widespread as time goes on, and has recently been discovered at several major casinos in Las Vegas and Reno. It is also being used by California Indian tribal casinos.

Some of these markings can be easily seen by players with a special reading lens, but more sophisticated techniques are being used by more experienced cheaters. These techniques include using a light reflective chemical daub, or an illuminating dust, which can be placed on the back of a card to create markings that are only visible when viewed through a special reading lens.

These markings are usually applied to the entire back of a card, but they can also be applied to the back of the corner of the card. This technique is often done on cards that have been cut or scratched to remove certain printed areas.

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