Marked Deck Playing Cards

When it comes to marked decks of playing cards it is important to ensure that your markings are simple to read and look very natural. This isn’t easy when using some of the more traditional methods of marking the cards like juice mark or tintwork.

The most effective way to do this is using a prepared marker system. Penguin Magic’s Reader Deck is a great choice. It has a Bicycle Maiden design on the back, and includes instructional videos, which include amazing routine suggestions.

How do you protect yourself from being the victim of an opponent

If you believe that a deck has been marked, it’s usually okay to ask for a new one – however, only if you’re confident that the people controlling the game aren’t on it. If you make a request for another deck, the players likely respond with hostility.

The most effective method to prevent this type of cheating is to invest in a substantial card protector that you use every when you play. It will make it much more difficult for an opponent to slip a small card into your pocket without noticing. It will also protect you against more common cheating techniques, such as pot-slamming and angle-shooting.

It’s also possible to discuss marked cards with a tinier tone when the topic is brought up. Most people have never seen marked cards before and believe they’re discussing a trick which doesn’t involve them. This will keep them from becoming obsessed with mark cards and beginning to think that every game they play in is rigged. It’ll also give them the opportunity to get away from the topic altogether and keep their hopes up.

Playing Card Tricks using Marked Decks

A marked deck is a useful tool for any card player. It can be used to perform’miracles. This is not possible with standard decks. Also, it can provide a safety net if your trick doesn’t go according to plan. However, you should be discerning about when you choose to use a deck with gimmicky features, and select only the tricks that make good use of the markings.

A marked deck of playing cards typically consists of hidden markers which the magician can see by glancing at the reverse side. The marks could be subtle and blend seamlessly with the design of the card. The reverse of a playing card, for example could be marked with a pattern indicating the worth or the suit. Cards marked with marks can also contain mysterious symbols or patterns that require an understanding of card magic in order to recognize.

A good place to start is to use a factory-printed reader deck such as Penguin Magic’s “Bicycle Marked Cards”. They are poker-sized and are constructed of Bicycle Elite, which gives them the perfect feel. Two downloads are included, which will teach you some great ways to play with this deck. After you have mastered the deck that has been marked, it is time to test other cards marked with. You can find a lot of info on the internet which will help you understand what you can accomplish with marking cards.

Using Marked Decks for Magic Routines

Certain marked decks come with instructional videos to help learn how to read the markings and provide ideas for routines. For instance Penguin Magic’s Marked Cards comes with two great video tutorials which contain some great card trick concepts that are provided by Jon Armstrong and Rick Lax. There are many other books which offer tips of tricks and teach you how to use a specific marked deck. Hidden in Plain Sight, by Kirk Charles and Boris Wild is one of the best. However it will require you to learn a specific reading system. It can also only be used when marked with those markings.

Some magicians create their own mark cards using DIY systems. However, this could be very labor-intensive and requires some expertise. The easiest way to do this is to purchase an industrially printed reader deck with a clear marking system. Some of these decks have an unassuming Bicycle Maiden back design, and others go extravagant in design and even include 3D glasses to enable you to see the markings from a distance!

Some magicians worry that their audience will not catch their tricks if they employ marked decks, but it is the same thing as worrying about being caught using any other trick or method. The magicians who practice careful audience management and only reveal the mark when there’s a compelling justification for doing so and will find it’s very difficult for the audience to be able to get to the secrets.

Utilizing Marked Decks in Magic Tricks

Marked decks are a great tool to enhance many card tricks. You can make use of the information you have on the card to manipulate the card during a trick, or reveal it in an unexpected manner.

Ideally, your mark should be easily read by magicians but hard to be detected by spectators and the marks should be located in a way that makes sense for your specific trick. If you’re using the deck of Bicycle cards and your marker system requires that you read the back design of the card, then your markings should be put in an area which looks like a part of the Bicycle Logo on the back.

Some magicians create their own marked cards using an electronic reader or coded marks, however this process is typically time-consuming and requires the experience of a master magician. A marked deck that is professionally designed is less expensive and easy to use and won’t have to worry about losing your cards.

Many magicians fret about using marked cards, as they think it will increase the risk of being caught by the spectators. But the truth is that this risk is similar to any other gimmick, sleight of hand trick. It all depends on how you manage your spectators and how you use the tool, and how natural it seems within the context of your routine.

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