Marked Cards Decks For Magicians

If you’re a magician who likes to use cards in your show, you might want to consider getting a marked deck. There are some fantastic options on the market that will help you avoid drawing too much attention to yourself, while also offering a great range of tricks to perform with them.

The DMC Elites

For many Bicycle diehards, the DMC Elites are their favourite marked decks. The reason is because they don’t have the standard Bicycle look on the card backs – and they use an ingenious marking system that works completely differently from any marked deck you’ve ever seen before.

The OMS ‘Optical Marking System’ hides the value and suit of the cards in plain sight, with no decoding necessary – it literally says it all on the back of the card, clearly and visibly. It’s readable with extreme speed and at great range, even in poor light, which makes it ideal for close-up magic.

This fifth edition of ELITES has taken the biggest leap yet and answered the wishes of so many hundreds of magicians over the years – by incorporating Juan Tamariz’s legendary MNEMONICA system into the deck! This unique blending of’marked deck’ and’stacked deck’ magic positions the DMC ELITES V5 clearly as one of the most devious and powerful weapons available today for both amateur and professional card magicians.

The Marked Maiden Back

The Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Deck is one of the most popular and common cards in use today. It is produced and printed by USPCC, and it uses the classic Bicycle paper with air cushion finish.

The size of the alternation on the back is 5 times larger than standard card markings, making them easier to read and understand. This makes it a popular choice for poker magicians as well as for amateur card magicians who want to practice their tricks without being caught.

This deck is very similar to the Rider Back Deck, but has a slightly different icon on the back, the Maiden. This makes it a little more ordinary in look and feel, but still very much a Bicycle deck.

The Bicycle Maiden Back Marked cards are the best marked deck for beginners as they are easy to handle and unobtrusive to use. They are also the most affordable deck that you can find, which is a huge plus!

The Pigment & Pixel

The Pigment & Pixel is no doubt the star of the show. Unlike the plethora of mediocre decks to choose from in the local pub, this one lives up to its reputation. The eagle scouted deck is a pleasure to paw at, especially with the help of a finely selected bottle of Scotch. It is also a worthy contender for the most memorable evening of your life. The good times are sure to come if you can keep the alcohol flowing!

The Marked Roses

The Marked Roses are a beautifully designed and very practical deck with standard indices and pips on the face cards. They also feature a custom Ace of Spades which is very different from any other deck I have seen.

This summer lavender toned deck has redesigned face cards, and has been printed on premium thin crushed paper stock with traditional cut – the highest quality that US Playing Card Company can offer. The back design features a well hidden reader back marking system which allows you to see within a second what card is in front of you, but you’ll need a keen eye to spot the secret.

The tuck box is beautifully finished in a tiled design that’s been foil-pressed with stylish metallic silver to give the deck a touch of luxury. It’s a classic look that conveys a sense of class and elegance, perfect for any magician’s tuck box collection!

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