Omaha Poker Analyzer CVK 400 Poker Cheating Device

Omaha Poker Analyzer CVK 400 Poker Cheating Device

Color: White, black

Material: Plastic

Language: English

Appearance design: iPhone

Battery: Not changeable; rechargeable

Application: Omaha, Texas hold’em, Blackjack…

Product ID: IIMC00157

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The popular cheating tool for gambling is the CVK 400 poker analyser. The CVK analyzer looks just like a phone. It can perform all the functions of a phone, including making calls, sending messages, surfing the Internet, and so on. It can also do more than a regular phone. It can make it easier to win in casino gambling.

The CVK 400 has a program that calculates the winners of gambling. This analyzer is available for all types of poker games. One analyzer can only install three games. You can buy the games you most often play. CVK 400’s operation is simple. There are only three steps required to operate CVK 400.

First, pick the card games that you want to play and then set the rules.

Then, aim your poker card analyzer at the marked cards.

Third, put on your wireless earpiece. Then wait for the results.

You can learn how the results can benefit you after hearing them. With the help of CVK400 poker hand analyzer, you can control your gambling.

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