Poker Analyzer

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With a custom-made poker analyzer, your competition won’t detect a thing! Our online shop offers a wide range of poker analyzer that are specially designed to provide players with a stealthy cheating technique at an affordable price.

How do poker analyzers work?
You’ve heard of great poker analyzers, but do you know what they do? Here are some key points.

The system first requires a card with a barcode. If you mark the deck with contact lenses, the system cannot read the information on the cards. The barcode on the playing cards hides all the information. It is used exclusively for decoding and determining the winner of each round.

Next, you need to choose the game you want to play and complete the necessary settings.

You can also scan your card with a wireless camera or a local camera. Wireless cameras are a great option when you can’t keep your phone on a table. Various cameras are available. You can carry it in your pocket. You can use the local camera to scan the card as long as the card is within the scanning range (20-40cm).

After the analyzer scans the marked card, the results are displayed on the earpiece, and a vibrator can also be purchased to display the results in terms of vibration frequency.