Marked Playing Cards

marked playing cards

Marked Playing Cards

Marked playing cards are used by poker players and magicians for various card tricks. They can be marked with luminous ink, juice dust, and other methods.

Luminous Ink

Using luminous ink to mark playing cards is easy. All you need is a luminous ink kit, a fine tip paint brush, and a red filter. Once you have the correct amount of ink and the filter, simply dip the brush into the luminous ink and then wipe it off with a dry-to-damp paper towel or cloth.

Practice the technique on a joker card first, then try it on a regular card. You will want to wait a few seconds before wiping off the card so that you can make sure you have the right blend of ink on the card.

The other method is called the daub. It is also an ad-hoc process that occurs during the game, but this time the cheater dabs the markings on a normal deck of cards, and so there is no need to use premarked cards.

Other marking ways include block-out and tinting. These marking ways are not as noticeable as luminous or juice marks, but they can be easily detected by a gambler’s riffle test.

There are also several marking techniques that are not visible to the naked eye, and these methods have been developed to give a player a better advantage over their opponent. Some of these techniques can only be detected by special contact lenses or gimmicked sunglasses.

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