AKK A1 Barcode Marked Cards Poker Hand Analyzer

Marked Cards Poker Hand Analyzer

AKK A1 Barcode Marked Cards Poker Hand Analyzer

AKK A1 Barcode Marked Cards Poker Hand Analyzer

The AKK A1 barcode marked cards https://www.pokercheat8.com/product/sales-akk-a1-barcode-marked-cards-poker-hand-analyzer.html is the newest model in the market of poker devices. Its outward appearance is fashionable and it has more functions than any earlier models of poker hand analyzer.

It can scan the invisible barcodes on the marked cards with rapid fast speed and 100% accuracy. It can also tell you who is the winner and ranks of all players in the game. This device can support many poker games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Flush game, Indian In-out game and so on.

This gambling cheating device can work with a lot of accessories such as remote controllers, infrared discrete cameras, vibrating devices and so on. It can also control the number of players in a gamble.

Aside from the poker hand analyzer, it also has the ability to surf the internet, send messages and make calls. In addition, it can also connect WiFi and 4G to provide a faster experience.

Besides, the mini camera on this https://www.pokercheat8.com/product/sales-akk-a1-barcode-marked-cards-poker-hand-analyzer.html can work with infrared contact lenses and poker sunglasses. It can help you see the back of the poker card from a different perspective without others knowing.

CVK 400 – The Best Cheating Device

This device works with a mini built-in scanning camera and can scan invisible barcodes on the barcode marked cards of your poker cards. It can let you know who is the biggest winner and the ranks of all players in the game before the cards are dealt.

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