Invisible Ink Marked Cards For Sale

No matter if you are a magician with experience or an amateur, you can perform countless tricks using a marked deck. How do you choose the right one? We sell invisible ink marked cards that are marked with luminous marks for values and suits. These marks can only be seen by professional cheating cameras and poker perspective tools.

The first marks on playing card were historically crimps, bends, or tiny pinprick bumps known as blisters which resembled Braille. Cheaters began to alter the designs of the card backs when they first appeared. They used different inks or pigments. This led to the various techniques of mark card processing, including block-out work, cut-out work, scroll work and shade work.

Block-out work is the coloring of small white areas that are printed on the backs of cards. The ink used for this type of work is usually the same color as the stock. A simple variation involves tinting the different body parts of the small “angel” features on the back of the card, such as the left wing or the head for a king. Another technique is to add (cut out) white figures on the back of cards, such as flowers or birds.

A card marked with an infrared camera is also a good option. This type of marking can only be seen by a cheating camera that uses infrared light, not by our eyes. This type of marked card is widely used by professionals as it offers the highest level of security.

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