How to Use Infrared Contact Lenses to Cheat at Poker

How to Use Infrared Contact Lenses to Cheat at Poker

French courts have sentenced an Italian poker cheat, known by his codename of “Parmesan”, for using infrared contact lenses and marked playing cards to steal millions from casinos on the Riviera. His exploits feature high-tech cheating tools, corrupt casino staff members and massive stakes – the hallmarks of any Hollywood thriller movie!

Marked playing cards are an easy and reliable way to cheat at card games, and there are multiple methods of marking them. One such method includes writing a secret symbol on each card’s back; another utilizes special lenses to read their values; while infrared contacts detect invisible markings on their back that allow users to detect which cards their opponent possesses.

Whoever wishes to cheat at poker games can easily obtain infrared contacts from online stores. For best results, it is wise to wash and disinfect them thoroughly prior to wearing, then regularly clean and sanitize them thereafter; that way the lenses should last a long time without presenting any problems.

The primary advantage of luminous contact lenses is that they do not alter the natural color of one’s eyes and can be worn by all types of people without altering or disguising them. They’re suitable for all eye types as well, making it undetectable when worn – all that needs to be taken care of to maintain good results is keeping them away from bacteria that could contaminate and lead to irritation in eyes.

Before using poker contact lenses, be sure that your eyes are in good health. Examine for signs of infection such as sticky feelings or redness and seek medical assistance immediately if detected. Furthermore, avoid smoking, drinking and eating anything which might trigger an allergic reaction when wearing these lenses.

Infrared contacts can be purchased both online and at some optical stores, in various colors and diameters to match your skin and eye tone. You may even buy multiple sets so you’ll always have spares should they become necessary during more than one game!

When you are ready to use poker contact lenses, put them in your eye and look at the cards. By seeing their backs clearly and predicting suits and numbers accurately, you can plan your strategy and become the true winner in card games. Luminous lenses also can help you win other kinds of games besides card ones like casino gambling – or even predict TV show results! Designed from top quality materials for maximum comfort wearability over extended use without risking vision damage, poker contact lenses provide a winning edge at card games of any kind!

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