Bicycle Maiden Marked Playing Cards Red And Blue

Bicycle Maiden Marked Playing Cards Red And Blue

Origin: USA

Color: Red and Blue

Package: Classic-Style Bicycle Tuck Box

Shipping: Fedex, DHL and EMS

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Payment: Western Union and Moneygram

Product ID: IIMC00123

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The Bicycle Maiden marked playing playing cards are also known as ultimate marked playing cards. They are among the most widely used marked playing cards around the globe. Poker players and magicians use them for the same purpose: to cheat in the games or on the shows. The best thing about Maiden marked poker cards is their ease of use and control. You can quickly identify each card with its suit and number by looking at them. These Maiden ultimate marked cards are different to invisible ink cards. There is no system, no glasses or lenses, and no code to decode them. Each card can be identified with naked human eyes in less than a second. Bicycle Maiden marked cards are able to keep their unfading effect for up to six months, or even a whole year. The processed Bicycle Maiden marked card can provide the same touch and flexibility as the original, but they are far more useful than you might imagine.

The Maiden back deck, which is available in Red or Blue with standard faces and the Joker and Ace of Spades respectively, is similar to the Rider Back deck’s fraternal twin. It comes in a bicycle tuckbox.

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