NTP Blackjack Marked Cheating Cards for Casino Poker Games

NTP Blackjack Marked Cheating Cards for Casino Poker Games

Origin: Italy

Brand: NTP

Processed Manufacturer: GS Company

Weight: 0.18kg

Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games

Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket

Product ID: IIMC0062

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NTP Long Life Blackjack playing card is made entirely of plastic. They are 100 times more durable than regular paper cards. They also resist bending or tearing. They should always return to their original form – they should not be damaged by regular gaming.

Red or blue-back packs are available in a wide-style poker format, with 2 pips. These NTP cards are great for playing Blackjack or Poker. They have a beautiful matt finish and look great.

NTP Blackjack marked cards make a great choice for poker players. When you wear infrared contact lense or invisible ink glasses, it is possible to see the marks clearly.

NTP Long Life Blackjack Playing Cards Characteristics:

Available in red or blue

-Jumbo index, composed of 100% plastic

-Respected all over the globe

-Card size is 63*89mm–standard size of poker cards.

The deck includes 55 cards.


Blue cards are marked with a large font in the middle (white marks).

Red cards: You can type numbers and suits in the middle of the cards, or in the corners (white or dark marks).

Friendly tips

Because of their clear marks, red cards are more preferred.

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