Modiano Adjara Italian Marked Cards with Invisible Ink Marks

Modiano Adjara Italian Marked Cards with Invisible Ink Marks

Color: Red, Blue

Material: Plastic

Size: Poker size

Face: 2 jumbo index

Package: Durable carton

Application: Poker cheating, magic shows, poker tricks

Product ID: IIMC00151

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Modiano Adjara’s marked cards are made from playing cards of Italian origin with invisible ink. We need other devices to detect invisible ink because it is not visible to the naked eye. We can’t tell the difference between Modiano Adjara-marked playing cards and regular poker cards with our naked eyes. However, infrared contact lense can clearly see the luminous marks.

There are many marking options for Modiano Adjara poker decks. One is to print a large font with the suit in the center. This marking method is recommended because it allows for clear visibility even from a distance of several meters. We offer a custom service so that you can create your marks and we will print them for you. We can meet all of your reasonable needs within our capabilities.

Modiano Adjara-marked playing cards are available for casino poker gambling. The marks can be kept for many months, even if the cards are used often. It is best to keep the marked decks in a sealed box, so that they don’t oxidize.

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