CVK 680 iPhone 8 Plus Poker Winner Analyzer

CVK 680 iPhone 8 Plus Poker Winner Analyzer

CVK 680 iPhone 8 Plus Poker Winner Analyzer – 2020 Newest Model

The newest cvk680 iPhone poker analyzer looks just like a normal phone so it’s not easy to be detected by others. It is the ideal cheating tool for BlackJack, Omaha and Texas Holdem players. It is an all in one poker analyzer. It has both the analyzing and scanning cameras. External scanning cameras can also be matched.

With its built-in scanner, it can scan barcode marked cards. It scans results of Texas Holdem or Omaha in a matter of seconds. It supports many different games, including Texas Holdem. Omaha 4 and Omaha 5 cards. Flush and Three Cards Teen Patti. Indian IN-OUT game.

It also has an earpiece, and a remote controller. The earpiece can connect to the wireless remote controller. You can use it to adjust the camera’s position so you get the best results. You can also adjust the angle of your camera using the remote controller. This allows you to scan barcode marked cards faster and more accurately.

This poker cheating tool allows you to know the rank of your opponent before you play any card games. This information can be used to help you adjust your play strategy in poker.

It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t cause any problems for the user. It is very popular and attracts many players.

This is a new poker scanning device that has a camera to scan the barcoded cards. It can also read the results from your opponents’ playing cards at lightning speed and accuracy. The scanning distance for the camera is between 20-40cm & 25-45cm. It can be placed in any spot on the table such as the middle or corner.

It is compatible to all poker analyzers like AKK analyzer, Cvk analyzer, and mobile poker analyzer. It can report the result of all the scanned cards to the user within 0.3 seconds and the user can get it with its wireless earpiece.

This poker scanner device allows you to see the rank of your opponents and adjust your play strategies for the poker game. This information will allow you to decide whether to add or subtract a card.

The newest CVK 680 iPhone poker analyzer has a digital one-to-one camera, which is better than other cameras. It can be hidden inside your phone’s case so it is not detected by other devices. It can also be used outdoors or indoors. The scanning range of the camera is between 20-40cm & 25-45cm. This makes it more suitable for players in any position.

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