The Art of Deception Unveiling the Marked Deck of Cards

A marked deck of cards, you can discover a different world of cards. It’s an essential tool for any magician who wishes to boost the fun of their routines.

Marking decks for marking has been the preferred method of gambling and magicians. The first marking systems were crude. In the last few years, more elaborate marking systems have advanced.

Card Deck with Marked Cards

When you perform card magic it is important to be deceived as a aspect of what you do. Magicians often employ gaffs, tactics and other techniques to achieve their desired effects. They can be anything from simple sleight-of-hand to elaborate equipment like a marked deck of cards. The marked deck is one of the top tools magicians have at their available. Although many may think as cheating this device is essential for cardistry.

There are a variety of marked decks ranging from basic reader systems to more complex mark-making codes. In the majority of cases those markings are not readily visible. Some are readable only in low lighting conditions or from the distance. Other marks require special glasses. Every one of them serves the same goal: To fool the public.

A few magicians choose using a mark deck all the time. This helps them to get used to the idea of reading the markings and make it easier for them to master the technique. Others may choose to use a marked deck for only certain aspects of their practice However, they will still view this a crucial tool.

A majority of people have heard of marked decks, even if they’ve never had the chance to see one. It’s the reason it’s so important to consider that people in general be influenced by a preconceived idea about the deck you’ve chosen to use, and will be more likely to guess about your deck than they’d had no idea of a marked deck previously.

With that in mind, below are some of the best marked decks that are available.

“The Ellusionist’s Red Cohort Deck

It’s a fantastic mark-up deck available for a very limited time. It’s a look-alike of an ordinary Bicycle deck, but with unique markings on the reverses of the cards. The deck contains 52 cards, two jokers and a copy of the Queen of Hearts.

Ellusionist Blue Cohort Deck

This deck has a similar markings system as those of Red Cohort deck, but it’s more subtle. The markings are integrated within the design, meaning they’re not as obvious as other marked decks. The designer has also posted two tutorials online that can assist you in understanding how to use the deck.

The Deck of Tricks is marked

A marked deck is an essential tool for both magicians as well as cheats. This allows the magician to be aware of the cards that their viewers have chosen. The deck can be employed in numerous tricks and certain effects can be enhanced. Some magicians worry about the possibility that playing with marked cards could result in them being detected, but this fear is not true. This has to do with how the trick is executed as opposed to anything else. In fact, many professional magicians utilize marked decks and aren’t thought of as cheating.

Each deck marked has advantages and disadvantages. Certain decks are more apparent than some, but any of them could help make card tricks entertaining and more effective. The most popular cards is one that has been printed with a mark during the process and is able to be viewed in specific lighting conditions or with special glasses. This type of marked deck can be used by cheats, who will mark particular cards with lighter or darker ink to distinguish them from the rest of the pack.

Another kind of mark deck is one that is altered by, or “juiced,” by the person who is performing. It can be achieved by altering the color of cards, or even the addition of ink. This kind of deck is frequently used by cheaters who use cards, however it is less likely to be detected when those who are performing the act are well-intentioned and do not appear to be doing any significant changes to the cards.

For the modern card magic lover, the perfect marked deck is one that is easy to read and does not draw any attention. Penguin Magic’s Marked Maiden Back Deck is a good choice for people who wish to make use of a marked deck. It is marked with readable lines but are completely invisible. This deck comes with an assortment of instructional videos made by Jon Armstrong and Rick Lax that can be used to perform a range of different routines.

Marked Deck of Routines

Marked cards can be used by magicians to make their already spectacular card games much more exciting. An effective mark system will provide an additional dimension to a deck of cards that, when used properly is the essential weapon for your arsenal.

While some marks can be visible, some are disguised in a way that makes them practically invisible to people. We carry a number of items that have invisibly marked marks like an infrared symbol that can only be seen under specific lighting conditions or can only be read by using specific contact lenses. The markings won’t show under normal lighting, or when the spectator is holding the deck in front of his face.

These types of markings that are invisible are particularly useful for decks that are held in a flat position to the surface. You can read the marks without using your hands, and also avoid gesturing or pointing in a way that is not natural.

Naturally, the most important thing to remember while playing with marked decks is that people should not realize that you’re studying the marks. Your audience may be uncomfortable if they react in a way that’s nervy in a strange manner, or if you are anxious while handling the deck. This is why it’s important to spend time familiarizing yourself in the mark system you selection prior to doing your game.

There are numerous possibilities to create amazing magic with a marked deck If you’d like to know more about the possibilities, you should check out this excellent presentation by Boris Wild. Boris Wild explains the system used to produce his mark decks in addition to the various effective effects you could create with the decks.

The marked cards we sell are equipped with tutorial videos. These tutorial videos show how to work with the decks to learn how to interpret their markings and also perform advanced routines. The tutorials are typically presented with particular decks (such for instance, Boris Wild Marked Deck or GT Speedreader), but many of them are universally applicable to any deck. The more time you spend with marking system it becomes more adaptable and efficient it’ll become.

The Marked Deck of Mentalism

A marked deck can be a potent tool that could supercharge any card trick you do. Marked decks can be employed to create an additional layer of deceit, put the attention of your viewers or save the day if anything goes wrong. It’s not difficult to use the marked cards, however you need to perform it right. In the ideal scenario, the markings need to be subtle and easy to see, while the deck’s design should appear regular. To make the most of your deck marked, learn how to manipulate the deck.

Most marked decks come with a companion book and videos that demonstrate how to perform brilliant tricks using the deck marked. The videos are usually presented using the particular marked deck, but the methods taught are general enough that they work in any deck. As an example, Penguin Magic’s Marked Cards come with a book and two tutorial videos to assist users to develop and execute astonishing tricks.

The decks that are available are typically much more economical and easy to read than hand-marked ones. They’re less expensive and easy to comprehend. Contrary to codes that force viewers to decode symbols, a reader deck simply informs you of which card it is on at a glance. This is much more practical, as you already have enough information to process by way of presentation and patter.

A further benefit of a reading deck is that it can be used to do tricks that simply wouldn’t work by using a conventional deck. It can be something like Ted Lesley’s “Spectator as Mindreader”, or even more intricate like a prediction effect.

Be aware that, even if you are able to use a card marked with a number, it’s not going to do anything miraculous. It is still important to employ a consistent patter and have good technique. If you’re constantly staring towards the backside of a card, even the finest strategy will be a failure! Although you may be careful the people around you will notice that you’re staring at their decks.

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