Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared-marked cards are cards with invisible markings on their reverse. These markings are not apparent to the naked eye but they are readable with special contact lenses or glasses or by a scanning camera.

It is possible to win all poker games using infrared-marked cards. Copag cards are compatible by using infrared lens or the luminous glasses.

Infrared Ink

Infrared inks have a specific pigment that absorbs or reflects IR light. Ink can be read by a camera, monitor, or any other device that is sensitive to IR waves. Infrared ink technology is utilized to print security prints, which include credit card and other transaction documents. This ink is composed of a blend of chemicals which are safe for the environment as well as human beings. It’s also less tinted than competing products and is in compliance with the ISO/IEC 7810 standard for transparency.

The invention described herein is an offset lithographic ink that can print cards with infrared wavelengths (up to 780 nm). The ink must also be free of any contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds as well as compatible with different printers in terms physical and chemical compatibility. In addition, the ink must have a high extinction at the wavelength of absorption infrared and a low extinction ratio within the visible wavelength range.

Sandia scientists developed a new ink that conceals the image under normal lighting conditions, but reveals it when exposed to infrared light. This invisible ink can be seen by a long distance IR camera or monitor. The ink when used with a camera that is hidden and an analyzer, may reveal marks on cards that are utilized to cheat in poker games.

Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contact lenses are a kind of lens that allows the wearer to see infrared light. You can pick from a variety of colors to choose the perfect lens. Infrared contact lenses are utilized to mark cards or play other games more easily. It is best to test them first in a low pressure environment, before using them at an online casino. Infrared lenses can also cause discomfort if you’re not familiar with wearing the lenses.

In order to mark a card, the infrared marker should be placed on the reverse of the card. The markings aren’t visible by the naked eye, but they can be detected by cameras equipped with infrared detectors. They can spot the marks on any deck of cards, including those that appear very light. IR designated decks are incredibly simple to understand, which is the reason why many professional gamblers and card sharks utilize these cards.

The lens electronics prototype uses off-the-shelf packaged components to demonstrate integrated on-board battery power and wireless switches in an intelligent contact lens. The resultant assembly is too bulky to fit into the eye, since the lens’s surface and the shape of the electronics device do not perfectly meet at the edges.

Infrared Camera Lenses

Digital cameras come with infrared lenses which detect infrared radiation. Infrared camera, also known as thermographs, thermal cameras or thermal cameras can take pictures that are unnoticeable to the eye. IR lenses can also be utilized in surveillance cameras and other applications where invisible information is required to be captured.

Infrared imaging is used in many ways, such as for remote sensing or for forensics. It can be used to identify objects or people that are hidden from sight that would otherwise be difficult to see with naked eyes. Infrared photography is often utilized to create unique photographic effects. For example, a shady tree will appear whiter in an IR photograph than in a normal image. This is because leaves absorb more IR than the other colors of the spectrum.

IR images can also be utilized to uncover hidden information within documents. For instance the hidden security markings found on the backside of a $5 bill. The holograms can’t be seen through the naked eye, however they can be seen by a special camera.

Silver halide emulsions cannot detect wavelengths that are beyond green or blue light. But, some digital cameras can be modified for infrared photography by removing the red and blue channel out of their Bayer filter. To get an infrared photograph that is sharp it is necessary to use a tripod and a small aperture of smaller than f/8. Although wider apertures can result in sharper photos however, diffraction is greater when using infrared wavelengths.

Decks marked with Infrared Copag

Infrared Copag decks with markings are a kind of poker card coated with ink that is invisible. The markings are not apparent to the naked eye, or with IR contact lenses. However they can be observed using a special camera. These cards can be very useful for players who want to cheat at a game, without the risk of being taken into custody. Contrary to other marking decks, Copag IR marked cards are completely secure to use.

The ciphers marked with infrared are processed with different methods to ensure they appear like regular playing cards. They are also branded with a mini-digit or pictogram mark which makes them hard to be recognized by others. These cards are utilized for a variety of games including magicians, poker, and other shows.

They are usually disguised as clocks or cigarette case keys to keep other people from noticing that they are cheating. These cards can be used in a wide range of poker games, magic tricks and other tricks. IR Copag cards are usually made from plastic and may be utilized in conjunction with infrared contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses.

Copag barcode cards are similar to IR Copag cards. However they are marked with invisible marks that can only be read with a scanner or a poker analyzer. They are extremely sought-after in poker and casino clubs, but can also be utilized in private games as well as in poker tournaments.

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